Saturday, April 9, 2011

Partying Partying YEAH !!!

This is just the beginning. It's happening. The unthinkable, the unimaginable, the extraordinary, the impossible, so to say, is happening. THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END !!! Random earthquakes at places with really low chances, Tsunami's, Global warming, Recession, Justin Bieber & the worst so far, REBECCA BLACK. Yes, you read it right, let me repeat it for dramatic effect REBECCA BLACK !!!

Phineas and Ferb have inspired me. And so has Doofenshmirtz, to some extent. So, I'm working on a stupendous and fool-proof machine called the KILLREBECCABLACKINATOR. the way it works is that every person's cerebrum gets effected in such a way that nobody, all the way to Andromeda can remember her or Friday (The song, not the first day of the weekend). Simultaneously, a laser zaps a 13 year old girl, whose friends can drive, and so she merrily misses school (And believe me, there aren't very many of them), to the core of the earth. Wherever, including the back of your head, the song may be playing, the song will be snatched and stored on a million KB pendrive which will get transported to the core of the earth and start playing for a few years, where nobody except her can hear it.

Reliable sources elaborate and say that if these issues are dealt with immediately and more importantly, effectively, We may just be saved from 2012. So yeah, Lets hope this works out well. To quote Bonnie from the vampire diaries, "We can do this, but there must be a sacrifice."

PS - Yeah,you're a muggle.

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